in this issue: October / November 2019


The 70s Revisited   
It’s like taking a step back in time during the “Me Decade” when marijuana was a hot topic, gender equality was a dream and personal passions were displayed on the front of a t-shirt. Fifty years later a lot has changed, but as the old saying goes – “a lot has stayed the same.”   

Cover illustration by Shani Goss

Reefer Madness
Illinois municipalities are faced with a slew of hard decisions to make when recreational marijuana use becomes legal on January 1. Decatur city council members have questions and are seeking public input for answers.

Flying High
In its inaugural piece, Supposedly Fun Things highlights a not-so-ordinary hobby or interest of everyday Decaturites – in this case, flying a small aircraft. Contributor Zach Shields takes off with John Weber to see if amateur aerials are worth the hype.

Puppy Love Intensified
Local animal advocate, Jeni Hudson, rescues special needs puppies and serves as a halfway house until appropriate care and treatment is received.

Shakespeare Corrected
In its 9th year, a dedicated team of local students, faculty and Decatur Correctional Center inmates create a full Shakespeare production. The program does more than entertain — it’s changing lives.




Food Truck Take-Aways
Parked in various locations throughout Decatur is a local staple: Food trucks. Their kitchens are small, but these meal-offering mobiles play big roles for the city’s food industry and for customers’ culinary cravings.

Big Blue What?
The history of Millikin University’s nickname reveals a century-long story in which potential mascots may have come and gone, but spirit remains a constant.

arts & entertainment


Football Unrivaled
Central Illinois loves high-school football, and the Maroa-Forsyth/St. Teresa rivalry is a local favorite. When Maroa-Forsyth changed conferences, matchups became limited to playoffs. But that hasn’t stopped the players — or the programs — from excelling.

7th Inning Stretch
The iconic song of baseball has a past as eclectic as peanuts and Cracker Jacks. Looking forward to the World Series this fall, Contributor Kathy Schanefelt uncovers its origins, history and meaning to ball players and fans alike.



Here & There Denver
We head west to visit the Mile High City on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains to find out how the housing market in Decatur compares to Colorado’s state capitol.

Travel Times Three
Good friends and former Millikin University colleagues Laura Ledford, Mary Ellen Poole and J.R. Fralick buddy up for adventures in southwestern France and Portugal.

home & garden


Coming Home
After spending the bulk of their adult lives out of state — and country — Pegg Warnick and Steven Hurst share their individual accounts of being raised in the Decatur area and retiring back “home.”

Rock On
A walk through two historical Decatur gardens reveals current plans and future changes that will keep these well-rooted icons blooming for years to come.