in this issue: October-November 2015


Illustration by Tronnie Goss

ON THE COVER – Bright Ideas – 
We’re not sure where the next “big idea” will come from, but we discovered that in Decatur, the most promising start out small, spark some interest, then catch on with widespread enthusiasm!

Cover Illustration by Tronnie Goss


Finders, Keepers
October’s Finders Market, which features a wide range of vendors and stretches throughout Progress City, is nirvana for shoppers seeking unique and quirky treasures.


Mural, Mural, On The Wall…
The process starts with a spark of imagination and ends up bigger than life. Enlightened local artists are inspired to create works of art using Decatur buildings as their canvas.

contents-oct-nov-15-4Big Screen Surprises
The Avon Theater’s long-running film class series are a lot like Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates — you never know what you’re going to get . . . except for fun!


contents-oct-nov-15-5Canine Comfort
Trained to share the healing power of pets with people in need, local therapy dog teams “show the love” throughout Decatur. Learn how you can team up, too.

contents-oct-nov-15-6Illuminating Designs
Looking for bright new ways to light up your landscaping? Whether the need is security, function, or simply decorative, local experts offer advice.




Numbers Game
Although the “rules” for calculating national unemployment rates are varied and often confusing, Decatur’s numbers point to the positive. Contributor Glenn Tiede investigates.

Mall Makeover
New retailers, events, and branding opportunities all fuel Hickory Point Mall’s current re-development, a phase in which General Manager Cathy Mitteer says, “constant change is the norm.”


arts & entertainment


Main Course Mastery
Ever wonder how your favorite entrée made it to the menu — and what keeps it there? Local restaurant owners share the stories and strategies behind their winners.

Tastes Of Mexico
Authentic cuisine from south of the border is alive and well in Decatur, where a welcoming range of family-owned restaurants serve their “home” specialties with pride.


Travel & Leisure
travel & leisure


Following in the footsteps of Vanderbilt-era hikers, Contributing Editor Jan Mathew treks historic trails and savors the scenery of North Carolina’s Pisgah National Forest.

Tracking Fitness
Local athletes are giving wearable fitness trackers a real workout by monitoring everything from their daily steps and heart rate to their sleep patterns.


Home & Garden
home & garden


Staged To Sell
Our current buyer’s market makes home presentation a must for sellers, who find that de-cluttering, de-personalizing, and digging in to projects often pays off with a “sold” sign.

Sit A Spell
Local homeowners are finding original ways to personalize their front porches — creating “windows to the world” that beckon others to pause and appreciate their view.




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