in this issue: February / March 2019


What’s Next?
“Change is the only constant in life,” said the ancient philosopher Heraclitus. As Decatur’s aging population moves into retirement, we wanted to find out how that will affect our community and who will step up to take their place.

Changing Of The Guard
As a wave of Decatur’s community and business leaders transition to or embrace retirement, what challenges and opportunities lie in their wake?

Stepping Up
Young professionals look at Decatur and see a city poised to embrace their energy, ideas and enthusiasm. “If you give people the opportunity to thrive,” says entrepreneur Trevor May, “they will.”

Reality Bites
A television film crew was in Decatur to record a segment featuring The Gin Mill and its unique bar. Thankfully, Contributor Jamie Muscato and photographer Kathy Locke witnessed the entire episode and bring you the inside scoop behind reality TV.

A Tale Of Two Brews
As longtime family-owned local distributors for Miller Brewing Company and Anheuser-Busch respectively, Mueller Beer Company and Skeff Distributing “grew up” with Decatur and remain among the city’s biggest supporters.




Servicewomen of JWA
With roots that trace to 1938, active and patroness members of Junior Welfare are committed to improving the economic, educational and social conditions of our community through service.

School Spirit
Decatur’s public high schools trace their roots to the late 1800s and construction of “The Big Brick.” And through decades of change, the District’s commitment to educating for success remains steadfast.

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Trolley Talk XIII —Irish Eyes
Longtime St. Pat’s Parade organizer Jim Wrigley swaps tall tales from the homeland with Contributor Zach Shields —along with a behind-the-scenes look at this crowd-pleasing, family-friendly annual parade.

Pizza Pleasers
Whether your taste runs thick or thin, savory sauce or sweet, meat lovers or veggie delight, Decatur has a pizza for that!




At Home With The Johnstons
Childhood acquaintances who reunited as twenty-somethings and married after a whirlwind engagement, family life is “happy chaos” for Alec and Kaylee Johnston.

Creating Hygge
Defined by the Danish as the “quality of coziness,” hygge’s simple touches of lighting, layering and textures can make your home feel like a big warm hug!



Wellness Collective
A new facility on the city’s south side combines alternative wellness options and services with a unique business incubator model designed to inspire collaboration and creativity.

Soothing Strokes
It may feel luxurious, but for many local practitioners and clients, massage therapy is a necessity that improves quality of life, speeds recovery and enhances general well-being.