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Fall Bucket List
Celebrating a bountiful harvest is the reason for the season we love in central Illinois. In this issue we tried to cover all the bases to enjoy your time spent with friends and family. Make plans, gather and be prepared to have fun.

Let’s Get Toasted!
As the autumnal equinox passes, local party planners offer their tips and tricks to pull off the perfect fall gathering, including original themes, decorations and more.

Translating the Brewery Experience
Decatur has emulated dear old München in our passion for beer, abundance of excellent brewers, and our own annual bierfest.

Touring with Timi
Contributor Ruth Siburt visits with tour operator Timi Kaufman for an insider’s look into the travel industry and how to plan for a successful trip.

Trail Work
Training, relaxing and communing with nature distinguish Decatur’s unique trail network that now connects to Forsyth via the extended Stevens Creek Bikeway.




Cattle Call
Central Illinois farmers have been raising and selling cattle to consumers for generations, taking pride in the fact that the term “clean eating” originated from the true sense of locally grown-on-the-farm foods.

Easy A
The “A” stands for access, anywhere and anytime you need it. Find out the simple ways you can get answers to your questions in the archives at your local library.

arts & entertainment


Party Pix
Committed to having fun while fundraising, guests recently enjoyed a culinary cookoff with local chefs, and talked to the animals at Scovill Zoo. We have photos!

Rikki Comes to Town
Meet the new executive director of the Children’s Museum of Illinois, who traveled across the country with her flock of chickens to make Decatur her home.

travel & leisure


Dispatch From Abroad: Italy
Grateful for their connection to a Millikin University alum, Julienne and Zach Shields, with their family in tow, immerse themselves in the Italian culture during an extended stay. Online Supplement – Click Here >

On Track
Find out what’s next for Decatur native Noelle Malkamaki, who continues to bring excellence and passion to her sport by winning a national title and setting an American record on the field.



Meet the writers, photographers and artists who bring you the best of Decatur in each issue.

Plan your entertainment to enjoy the autumn season in Decatur during October and November, then grab your sweater and go!

Dining Out
Your table is waiting at over 80 local restaurants who are open for business and ready to serve you. Search our guide by category for the dining experience you’ve been craving.

Four Seasons Bridge
If you’re cruising along the trails in Fairview Park, at some point you’ll cross the trestle bridge located on the Stevens Creek Bikeway, a popular destination found only in Decatur.