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Birds, Bugs & Blooms
We’ve been watching for the signs, and they’ve finally arrived. The harbingers of spring have burst onto the scene in Decatur — and we couldn’t be more ready for their arrival.


Something To Chew On
Garver Feeds is a favorite supply shop for local animal lovers. But the store’s history — and the family atmosphere created by the customers who frequent it — is even greater than the selection.

Songs of the Sangamon
The Sangamon River is a vital water source. It’s also a rich source of history for Decatur and an inspiration for musicians.

The 17-Year Cicada
Let’s make some noise for Brood X, coming soon to a location near you. Actually, it will make its own noise. And plenty of it.

Budding Artists
How do you find the right plants for your gardens and containers? Contributor Joli Hohenstein talked with the experts to learn how to strike the perfect balance.




Playtown U.S.A.
Our city certainly lives up to the national distinction awarded in 1946. When it comes to the business of recreation, Decatur is a progressive community that continues to make “play”
a priority.

Dining Out
Decatur’s locally owned restaurants are open for business and ready to serve you. Search our guide by category and call to make reservations for the dining experience you’ve been missing.

arts & entertainment


Stuff To Do
Spring is here with new and improved events to keep you entertained. Check out the schedule for what’s happening during April and May.

Adventures on Antique Row
For flea market fanatics, Never Forgotten Thymes Shoppe is a must-stop that offers more than vintage finds — it’s a haven for creative types, too.

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Pilgrimage to Oak Park
After months of pandemic isolation, many of us are yearning for a weekend getaway. For contributor Zach Shields, that means a journey to the birthplace of Ernest Hemingway.

Day Trip to Moweaqua
Just south of Decatur lies Moweaqua, a small village full of personality that combines history with hospitality in an appealing way.

Roughing It
Is hitting the road the pandemic escape we all need right now? Find out if you have what it takes to set up camp in a tent or RV.



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