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Growing Season
Technically, it’s defined as the period between the last frost of winter and the first frost of fall. For those of us living in Central Illinois, the growing season is also the time of year we roll up our sleeves and get to work, when establishing strong roots by cultivating what we plant becomes our top priority.

Ready for Takeoff
Look just above the horizon during the summer months and you’ll spot the iconic yellow airplanes skimming the surface of Central Illinois farmland, expertly piloted by a new wave of ag aviators.

Life in the Kitchen
In an industry where most new startups fail under normal circumstances, a few intrepid Decatur entrepreneurs launched and expanded their food service during the pandemic.

Urban Farms
Neighborhoods in Decatur are dotted with nearly 400 vacant lots that many hope will be transformed into a garden bounty of pesticide-free, locally sourced fresh produce.

A Club Worth Growing
According to the Smithsonian, “American garden-making has evolved over time, shaped by history, social attitudes, the environment, and new ideas.” The same holds true in Decatur.


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How To Summer Like A Kid
Playtime isn’t limited to just kids – grownups deserve some fun, too. Make the time to find your own inner child this season in Decatur. We have some ideas to get you started.

Together, Again
Whether the draw is nostalgia, connection or curiosity, Decatur high school and neighborhood reunions bring “old” friends together year after year.

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Calling On Clinton
A short drive north of Decatur, this seemingly sleepy central Illinois town offers an unexpected mix of history, nature, food and hospitality.

Born To Run
Ultra-runner Jacob Albert is logging some serious miles and is on pace for even more success this year. His motto? “Believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.”


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Stuff To Do
It’s summer in the city with a whole new schedule of events during June and July in Decatur.

Dining Out
Your table is waiting at over 80 local restaurants who are open for business and ready to serve you. Search our guide by category for the dining experience you’ve been craving.

Only in Decatur
One of Scovill Zoo’s most popular attractions, the Z.O. & O. Express transports tens of thousands of visitors each year.