in this issue: February / March 2023


Finding Inspiration
At the heart of every successful venture is the vision to recognize opportunity, the courage to make difficult decisions and take responsibility for the outcomes. In this issue, you’ll meet residents who are inspired by the challenges and focused on getting results.

Boots on the Ground
Howard G. Buffett’s approach is focused on humanitarian efforts guided by years of experience and things he’s learned all over the world. What people need most, Buffett says, is hope.

Living Off the Grid
True pioneers in sustainable practices have a preservation mindset and willingness to share their experiences with others. Learn about local efforts to improve efficiency and protect the environment.

Friends in the Right Places
Saved from the wrecking ball thanks to the tenacity of three extraordinary people, a regal monument to a bygone era is undergoing a grand transformation in downtown Decatur.

Communing with the Fu Dogs
Derek Peterson and Steve Hoffman provide expert commentary during a guided tour of the Allerton Park mansion and grounds. For them, serving as stewards of Robert Allerton’s legacy is an act of love, not labor.


arts & entertainment

Shall We Dance?
In Decatur, the answer is a resounding “yes,” as social dance classes find participants two-stepping and jitterbugging around the third-floor ballroom at the Madden Arts Center.

Cast of Karaoke Characters
“Music is the universal language of mankind,” wrote Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Music spans across cultures and generations. Stop by one of our local bars on a night when karaoke is offered, and you’ll know that it’s true.


Sweet Sap of Spring
Mike King at Mari-Mann Herb Co. knows a lot about maple syrup, including the best brands to try and where to dine in Decatur for an excellent stack of pancakes or waffles.

Open for Business
Your table is waiting at over 80 local restaurants who are open for business and ready to serve you. Search our guide by category for a special dining experience with family and friends.

health & wellness

How To Live Healthy & Feel Good
According to local professionals, the journey to achieving your ideal weight is as individual as you are. We give you some options to consider for a sustainable and practical plan of action.

Only in Decatur: Benchmarks
Inspired by a retired Decatur Fire Department Captain’s last visit to his old firehouse before it was taken out of service, his daughter’s letter honors the extended DFD firefighting family.


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Party Pix
Charity fundraisers were in full swing during the holidays with events like Whiskers & Tails. We have pictures.

A full calendar of events is on the schedule to welcome spring!